Advantages Of Being Self Employed Tradesmen In The UK

The practical benefits of working as a tradesman have been proven over the centuries. If you are a tradesman, you enjoy a wide range of advantages over your counterparts from other fields. In addition, being a self-employed tradesman had an even wider range of benefits. It makes a huge difference when you are your own boss and are the master of your trade.

1. Excellent Compensation

There is a general belief that the income cap is higher for white collar jobs than for blue collar jobs. But only a small percentage of white collar job holders are able to touch the skies and achieve consistency in their career. When it comes to averages, self-employed tradesmen have a shot at excellent compensation. The median income for blue collar work is higher compared to that for all other jobs. 
Self Employed
Similar to white collar work, you have many fields to choose as a tradesman. Your earning potential also depends on how effectively you can expand your self-employed business model by catering to a larger number of clients. Your success depends on your creativity, entrepreneurial skills, and quality of customer service. You can also employ the services of other tradesmen to service a larger client base.
And when you factor in the number of years spent on relevant education, you save both time and money when you pursue a career in trades. You can achieve high income figures with far lesser time and money spent on schooling than almost any other field of work.
2. Plenty of Work Opportunities
Another advantage of becoming a self-employed tradesman in the UK is that the profession comes with a sense of security. Not only can you find work during normal economic conditions, it is a field where you can find work even during economic slowdowns. Homeowners and businesses are always going to need tradesmen to fix different things. 
Another reason this sector offers work security is that hands-on jobs cannot be outsourced like many other jobs. The world simply cannot work without the skilled trades. Whether you are a plumber or an electrician, your services are a necessity even in difficult economic times. Work security is a given because everyone needs electricity, plumbing, and home appliances functioning at all times.
3. Job Satisfaction
At around 67.2%, workers in the UK have among the lowest job satisfaction rates in the developed world. On the other hand, skilful manual work has been known to create a positive sense of satisfaction. According to studies, the jobs with the highest satisfaction levels involve specialised skills that create a sense of pride and build interpersonal relationships. This makes it even better to work as a self-employed tradesman. 
4. Flexibility
There are many ways in which being a self-employed tradesman offers flexibility in different aspects of your professional life.
  • Be Your Own Boss: As a self-employed tradesman, you get to choose your own principles of work, location, and even your own income. You can set the parameters and enjoy lots of freedom.
  • Flexible Hours of Operation: It is up to you to decide when and how long you want to work. You can have flexible work hours and also determine whether you want to work year round or for a few months. Studies show that job flexibility is an important factor in determining job satisfaction rate.
  • Unique Marketing: When you work as a self-employed tradesman, world of mouth publicity is perhaps the most important way your business grows. It is up to you to deliver high quality services and thus your work itself acts as your marketing strategy. Word of mouth marketing builds trust and adds long-term value to your brand name.
Thus, there are many reasons for choosing the career of a self-employed tradesman. Check This Being Self-Employed Guide for more in-depth information about the pros and cons of becoming your own boss as a tradesman.

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