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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Want To Go To College, But Can’t Afford It?

College fees are at an all time high, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams of getting an education. Here are several ways to afford college if you’re eager to study a degree.

Know what you’re entitled to

Student loans are the most obvious form of funding – whilst getting into debt isn't ideal, it’s how most people afford college. On top of loans, there are various grants available for those earning under a certain income. It’s worth looking into all these forms of funding first before assessing whether you truly can’t afford to study a degree. Visit sites such as this one to research into funding options available.


Study from home

There are many courses that can be studied via the internet such as this online public safety degree. These can cut the cost of campus living fees and can allow more flexible studying hours making it possible to study a degree around a full time job if you desired. Studying from home does involve missing out on campus life, but for those that simply want an education and may have commitments to take care of at home, it can be the ideal option. Take your time to look around for online courses as there are many options available.

Look into courses abroad

Some courses abroad can be much cheaper than in the US. Whilst some countries may charge extra to students from abroad, others charge the same to home students as they do international students. The likes of Germany and France are two examples of countries with low university fees, whilst Norway is free for everyone (including expats studying abroad). You do have weigh up travel costs and the cost of living in that country, however in many cases it could work out cheaper even with these added costs on top. Studying abroad is ideal for those wanting to learn a new language. There are also many English-speaking courses around the world such as these design courses in Norway – ideal if you want to get the benefits of studying abroad but don’t want to have to learn a new language.

Look for a sponsored course

There are some large companies out there that offer sponsored courses – these are entirely paid for by the company, but as a result you must then work at that company once the degree is completed. These employer funded courses could allow you to land your dream job in some cases, however other people may struggle to find one of these courses that leads onto their ideal career. Such courses often have a limited number of space and they can be competitive to get into as a result.

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