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Monday, March 25, 2019

How to Borrow Money With Low or No Credit

Your credit score defines your financial life. If it’s not high enough, you risk being unable to secure a loan or other financing options. If your credit history is limited or nonexistent, you also risk being unable to secure a loan. What do you do when you need financing for a car, a new home, or even a dental procedure and your credit says otherwise? You look into alternative lending options for those with little to no credit or bad credit. You do have options. 

Find a Co-Signer 

Do you have a spouse, sibling, friend, or parent who is willing to sign off on a loan for you? If you have bad credit or no credit, someone who has good or excellent credit can sign off on your financing saying they will take responsibility for repaying the loan should you default. This puts their own finances at risk, which means you might find it difficult to find a co-signer. 

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Put Up Collateral 

If you haven’t much credit, you can opt to secure financing with collateral. Collateral is property such as a car, land, or a home that’s valuable enough the lender can take it from you, sell it, and recoup their losses if you fail to repay your loan. You will lose this property, however, so you must be sure you are able to repay this loan. 

Apply for a Special Loan 

There are some lenders who offer no credit check loans to borrowers. These are not payday loans or predatory loans, however. Predatory loans charge you interest rates in the triple digits, which makes it nearly impossible for you to find a loan you can repay. You can, however, find a loan that does not require a credit check, but they do look into alternative methods of repayment. Rather than looking at your credit history, this kind of lender looks at your ability to repay by taking into account your income, your debts, and other factors. 

Make a Down Payment 

A down payment is another option if you have no credit to utilize. When a lender sees you are willing to pay significantly upfront, they are more likely to want to lend you money than they are if you don’t. You might need to make a significant down payment that’s higher than most people make, but it’s one way to secure the kind of financing you need for whatever purpose you need it. 

Pay a Higher Interest Rate 

One of the caveats of bad credit or no credit loans is that they often come with a higher interest rate. Lenders look at potential borrowers to see if they will repay the money they borrow. If you appear to come across as someone who may or may not repay the loan as stipulated in your financing paperwork, you might pay a much higher interest rate. This is how lenders ensure they are able to recoup as much of their money as humanly possible. If you’re willing to pay a higher interest rate, you might be able to secure a loan. 

Never borrow money you know you cannot repay. If you’re offered financing with terms that are outside of your repayment comfort zone, don’t borrow the money. You may have options, but that doesn't always make them affordable. Work on raising your credit score. Work on saving money elsewhere. Work on finding a way to borrow that won’t cost you too much to repay.

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