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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Top 10 Traffic Violations by Bike drivers and Updated Traffic Penalties

The number of two-wheelers in India is massive which contributes majorly in deteriorating the traffic conditions of the nation. In the year 2018, there were about 20 million units sold which were double the quantity sold in the year 2017. And out of nearly 4000 cities in India, Pune has the maximum number of two-wheelers. 

Bike drivers

Most commonly, the two-wheelers are purchased by the youngsters, either office going or college students. In the fallout of fashion, these youngsters tend to avoid the rules of driving. Hence, the government levied some strict traffic rules and regulations to keep the law and order intact. Recently, with effect from September 2019, a hike in the penalties have been implemented if anyone violates traffic rules. 

Let us look at some of the common breaches of traffic rules and updated penalties after the new Motor vehicle act-2019 implemented from 1st September-2019.

1.Driving without License

Driving without a license is an offence and the accused needs to pay a fine. 
New penalty – ₹5,000 and/or community service
Old penalty - ₹500

2. Driving despite being disqualified

A disqualified two-wheeler driver is not allowed to drive. If she/he continues to do so, the individual will have to pay heavy penalties for this offence.
New penalty – ₹10,000, and/or community service
Old penalty - ₹500

3. Driving uninsured two-wheelers

Driving without a Two wheeler insurance policy attracts a huge fine. It is always recommended to have an active Two Wheeler Insurance  policy for your vehicle.
New penalty – ₹2,000 and/or 3-months prison, community service | ₹4,000 for subsequent offence
Old penalty - ₹1,000

4. Over-speeding

Over-speeding a two-wheeler on the roads can lead to unfortunate events. Preventing this, the government has levied heavy penalties for the offence. 
New penalty – ₹1,000- ₹2,000
Old penalty - ₹400

5. Unauthorized use of vehicles

Unauthorized use of your two-wheeler for passenger/goods transport to earn money is prohibited unless your license does not permit. The person guilty of doing so is liable to pay fines as levied.
New penalty – ₹1,000- ₹5,000
Old penalty - 1000

6. Drunken Driving

It not only increases the probability of accidents but can also lead to death. Hence, drunken driving is taken as an offence for which the two-wheeler rider has to pay a heavy price.
New penalty – ₹10,000 and/or 6 months prison | ₹15,000 and/or 2 years jail for repetitive violation.
Old penalty - ₹2,000

7. Violations of Road Regulations

If any two-wheeler rider is found violating the road and traffic regulations so they are accused and are forced to pay a fine.
New penalty – ₹500- ₹1000
Old penalty - ₹100

8. Driving without a valid permit

If your permit allows you to drive in one state and you are driving in other, then the rider will have to pay a fine.
New penalty – ₹10,000 and/or up to 6-months prison, community service
Old penalty - Up to ₹5,000

9. Driving with Registration

If any individual is found driving a two-wheeler when she/he is declared mentally unfit, then it is considered as an offence. It may cause harm to others as well as the driver. 
New penalty – ₹5,000 | ₹10,000 for subsequent offence
Old penalty - Nil

10. Tripling on bikes

Tripling on bike or riding more than one pillion rider is strictly prohibited. Still, if some individuals go tripling on the bike, then they violate traffic rules and owe to pay heavy penalties.
New penalty – ₹2,000 and licence disqualification and/or 3-months of community service
Old penalty - ₹100

Let us see the amount of hike in the number of penalties rising due to traffic rule violation:

The government has taken a conscious initiative by hiking the fines to control accidents and unfortunate events. We should also make some of the following efforts to contribute to the cause and avoid fines:
  • Both the rider and the pillion rider should wear a helmet. 
  • Renew your vehicle’s insurance before it expires. Keep a minimum required Third Party Bike Insurance  for your vehicle in case it is an old vehicle and you don’t want to spend money on buying a comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Store an e-copy of your insurance policy and driving license in your mobile.
  • Abide by traffic rules and follow signals. 
  • Use indicators to signal others on the road and intimate them whether you will take a left or right while driving.
  • Do not use mobile phones will driving.
  • Make sure that the vehicle registration marks are displayed clearly.
  • Overtake the vehicle from the right side only.
  • Keep left while driving. 
  • Maintain a prescribed speed limit.
  • Follow road signs like “No Parking”, “No Right Turn or Left Turn”, “No Honking”, etc.
  • Take a “U-Turn” from a place when there is no signal and no traffic around you.
  • Don’t drive a vehicle on the footpath. Give way to pedestrians.
  • Abstain from alcohol while driving.
  • Get Pollution Check-in regular intervals.

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