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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Selling a House ‘As Is’ in Seattle, Washington

When you have a home that is likely to draw some attention but could merit some updates, selling “as-is” can be a nice way to sell free-and-clear, even if it means you forfeit a little bit of final home price. In Seattle, Washington, the demand for housing is so high that even an older home that might have some needed repairs or could use an update can still sell for a pretty penny as long as you find the right buyer. 

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Here’s how to get that process rolling. 

Create Clear Disclosures to Get the Right Buyer Pool

The key with selling as-is is that you want buyers who are going into this process feeling confident that they know what they are buying. This means doing your full due diligence when it comes to documenting any past repairs, age of systems, and any other damage to the home that you know about that could be discovered on a home inspection. You want to be so thorough in your seller disclosures because it is how you inspire confidence in the right buyer: this potential buyer is looking for a home that doesn’t have to be in perfect shape, knowing that they will buy it with repair costs factored into the price and may even do some of the work themselves to make it a better deal. 

Clearly Make As-Is the Preferred Type of Offer

When working with your real estate agent, make it clear if as-is is your preferred type of offer, since that agent can then work with other agents to let them know that this is the kind of offer that will be given preference. While people are of course welcome to make their offers as they choose, the people who are most serious about your home might put in a higher offer and want the option to have you make repairs. If they know your preference, they can adjust their price and add their willingness to waive inspections, taking the home “as is.”

Pre-Listing Inspections Allay Concerns for Nervous Buyers

If you aren’t sure that any buyers will be up for the task of buying your home as-is, or if your real estate agent recommends it, you may get some valuable insight and confidence from a pre-listing inspection. This inspection is like the impartial expert’s version of your disclosures, showing anyone who is interested in the home what an inspector saw when evaluating the home. Then they can make an as-is offer with as much knowledge as possible about what might need to be repaired or replaced soon.  

Research Cash Offer Options

Of course, if you are still concerned that the as-is nature of your property would ward off people looking for something move-in-ready, investors are also an option. Looking into places where the company will offer you cash, albeit perhaps less than market, is one way to sell a house free and clear and not have to make any repairs. While you may leave a little money on the table compared to making a ton of repairs and getting the house fully move-in-ready, you will save a ton of hassle and inconvenience, it’s own reward!

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