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Sunday, July 16, 2023

When Financial Disaster Happens

No-one is ever free of disasters but some are luckier than others. Whether your car has inexplicably broken down or your house has been broken into, replacing the lost items can be difficult, especially if you’re not flush with cash. One way you can manage this is with a payday advance to cover the costs until the end of the month but there are also other ways to secure yourself against financial disaster, even if you do not have much in the way of disposable income.

Financial Disaster

Pinching those Pennies

The first thing to consider when planning your “escape route” from any disasters that could befall you is whether you can put aside any cash for these eventualities. It was always a common trait for families to put aside money every week in case they ran into any trouble and needed some ready cash to get by on but this isn't very common nowadays. One way to make sure you manage this is to bypass your bank account. Instead of just taking out money as and when you need it, you can take out a set amount for your week and put a small part of it aside. Now, instead of having a pint at lunchtime, you can put the money in a jar for any times you may need it. Just $50 can really help you should there be any sticky situation.

If you come aside any major problems, then you can always turn to a payday advance to get you through, but you can do so knowing that it’s much lower than it was thanks to just putting a bit of spare cash in a jar every week. Another way to fill up that jar is by emptying your pockets of loose change every now and again: all those coins build up and you can amass quite a sum in your trouser pockets without really noticing.

Saving Up for a Better Life

Sometimes you can just get stuck in a rut, though, without being able to put aside any cash each week and having to dig deeper and deeper to get out of the financial mess you’re in. As we continue to live in a financially volatile period of history, some people have found themselves much worse off than they should be, so need to look at alternative ways to save some cash. Obviously, if you’re only making enough to get by, just, each month, then you should look at doing something to bring in that little bit extra to make your life better.

One such option is to try and make money online, through blogging or selling someone else’s product. By spending just an hour every day working on an online portfolio, you can drive traffic to a website and bring in that little extra cash that really makes a difference at the end of every month. From just $20 all the way up to the hundreds or even thousands, the internet is full of stories where people have made a difference to their lives thanks to the internet.

Be careful, mind, as there are a lot of scams out there: don’t believe any of these “Google gives me $1,367 a week” stories, instead just go on your gut feel and you’ll be left in good stead to make your way to bringing in a regular secondary income. If it doesn't quite work out straight away, then just continue what you've been doing and be patient. Eventually you’ll get yourself out of that trough and you’ll be able to improve your standard of life until it is unrecognizable.

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