Improve your credit score in simple steps

Do you ever wonder about how you can improve your credit score? I wanted to pass on some tips you can use for keeping your credit report tuned up and your credit score in good shape :
* Maintain consistency in identifying yourself on credit applications. Use your full legal name to avoid being confused with relatives whose credit records could inadvertently be mixed with yours.
* Contact your creditors directly with any disputes. They are responsible for reporting accurately. Some creditors will re-age, or modify, your past-due account to current status only if you personally negotiate–not a third party.
Improve your credit score in simple steps
* Avoid opening new accounts if you’ve applied for a mortgage. Scoring is heavily weighted to recent behavior. All accounts less than 12 months old drive scores down, especially such deals as “no payments for a year.”
* Pay down revolving balances to 50% of your credit limit. Paying them off does not help. Keeping them at half their limit improves your credit score. Buy nothing on credit until your loan closes.
* Remember that Authorized User Accounts are always treated as joint accounts by the scoring system even if they technically are not.
* Avoid the use of credit-repair companies. It’s a good idea to order your personal credit report at least once a year to keep the record current and uncover any incorrect information.

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