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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Savings calculator

Add this free savings calculator to your website

If you’re a financial blogger or a webmaster, why not check out this handy savings calculator?It’s incredibly nifty and could help improve the popularity and efficiency of your site.
Savings calculator

The tool asks users a few basic questions about their savings goals before giving them an idea about how they can achieve them – taking into account things like monthly budget and the time they’re willing to save. It’s incredibly easy to use and should help those looking to get their finances in order throughout 2012 and beyond.

One of the best things about this widget, however, is that it’s free to use and the code for the calculator doesn’t cost a penny – meaning you can put it on your site without breaking the bank. Simply click the ‘add this calculator to your site’ link at the bottom of the tool and follow the instructions.

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