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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still More That You Did Not Know About Cards

There is just so much that you need to know about cards. I have written close to a 100 articles on this topic, and I am just getting started.

Do cash back cards really work?

Many customers often wonder if cash back cards really work, and are useful. The answer to that question is yes it does as long as you pay attention to some details. First and foremost, you must check the percentage rates for the cash back. Often you only actually receive the cash once you reach a minimum stated amount. Hence, you must be completely aware of what and when you get back. Also, make sure to check any fees that you might have to pay; and also the interest rate as this might be higher than the standard cards. Hence, if these things are kept in mind, you could really benefit from cash back cards.

And what about the balance transfer credit card?

Still More That You Did Not Know About Cards
A type of card that has grown in popularity in recent times is known as the balance transfer card. Essentially, these cards are chosen as it offers customers to shift a balance from a high interest card to a lower interest card. These cards usually come with a 0% interest rate for an initial period, and hence, you could save a fortune on interest expense with the help of this card. Hence, if you are having trouble paying off a steep balance at a high interest rate, this type of card can be the perfect solution for your problem.

Balance cards have soared in popularity in recent times because of the advantages it promises to people having trouble paying of a large balance at a high interest rate. However, before opting for such a card you must do a thorough exploration and comparison keep certain things in mind. For example, you must check the length of the no interest period. Some cards can give as less as 3 months, while other might give a lot more. You should also check what is the APR applied to. Some companies might offer 0% APR when you make a purchase, while others will offer on both the balance and purchases. Hence, looking at such detail can be beneficial.

Card safety

Here are some steps one could take to play it safe with credit cards. Firstly, it is imperative to sign the card as soon as you receive it. That is the easiest way to verify a lost and found card. When at the ATM, be careful not to reveal the PIN or the pattern of keystrokes to anyone. If you got a printed receipt, do not leave it at the ATM. Avoid giving out the card number in telephonic conversations ad text messages. Always double check to see if you got back your card after using it at a merchant's shop. It is prudent to maintain a list of all card numbers and the toll free number for the issuing bank. If the card is stolen or lost, this list must be handy to block the cards immediately.

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  1. The more you know about credit cards, the easier it will be to avoid some of the financial traps many people get into. Failing to exercise caution can lead to a number of issues including security leaks and unauthorized transactions.