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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Structured Settlements – Advantages of a Non-qualified Structured Settlement

Marriage is the dream many wait for, but when it ends it becomes a nightmare. Non-qualified structured settlements can help in stopping the nightmares and can be of useful potential during divorce proceedings. Furthermore, there are several advantages to using structured settlement annuities to resolve financial issues you may experience in a divorce.

Non-qualified structured settlement payment, also known as non-qualified assignments, can provide assurance to the spouse receiving child support obligations, alimony, or periodic payment equity allotments. The payments will be guaranteed to be received on time, which will reduce the time and cost of new court proceedings that may arise and need resolved. This could be extremely beneficial to the paying spouse who has an uncontrollably variable commission or bonus income or lives in another state or country.

Structured Settlements – Advantages of a Non-qualified Structured Settlement

Also, with a non-qualified structured settlement, there is an opportunity to pay a certain amount of cash when you likely have it for the compensating spouse. This will solve the issue of being in a strenuous situation and all the problems attached if things change for you financially. This can be a savings of time ahead, expense, and administration.

Another reason structured settlement annuities can be a useful tool in reference to a divorce is because there may be the need for a spouse to have income for a time period or in lump sums for anticipated essentials. By having to rely on the promise of an ex-spouse having to pay who may become disabled, lose their job or business, or pass away is constrained by the typical plan of such payments. The paying spouse may not want a lien on assets or any other continued negative dealings on finances with the ex-spouse, including wasteful issues.

When applied to negotiating a property division, alimony, or paying child support in a divorce there are many advantages to why a structured settlement can be a useful tool. If negotiated and included in the settlement and divorce decree, the advantages of single or multiple income streams can be created to providing the following:

• Short term periodic payments
• Lifetime income
• College funds
• Retirement funding in a lump sum or in lifetime payments.
• Other essentials to be met in future dollars.

There are advantages of using structured settlement annuities to resolve financial issues in a divorce for both the receiving spouse and the paying spouse. They are as follows:

Advantages of a receiving spouse with the security of

• No broken promises of ex-spouse, attendant cost to enforce decree and alimony payments
• A no market risk with a contract guaranteed by the insurance company
• Flexible plan designs for long term payouts and multiple payment streams
• A creditor proof annuity depending on the residing state
• Obligation assigned through a non-qualified structured settlement process is not endanger to general creditors of the ex-spouse

Advantages to paying spouse

• Potential for savings in discounted cost of payments
• Obligations are taken off the books through the non-qualified structured settlement process
• It potentially ends the obligation and contact with ex-spouse
• No lien on assets from promissory notes

Divorces are never easy and the obligations can take its toll on both parties. But with a non-qualified structured settlement, the benefits are better than the alternatives. You can wake up from the nightmare and start living your dream.


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  3. Divorce can leave you with more debt than you realized, and a structured settlement may help you pay off that debt faster.

  4. This is so helpful. I am currently going through a divorce and didn't realize there was financial help in the form of non-qualified structured settlements . After reading this, it seems like this is the best way to resolve the financial issues. I will have to talk to my lawyer to see if he agrees.