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Monday, September 3, 2012

Alternatives to Student Loans Direct

Getting a college education has gotten so expensive over the past ten years or so that most college students cannot afford to attend schooling unless they receive some help. Most students will head for the idea of obtaining student personal loans with bad credit. However there are many other ways that paying for your college education can be accomplished without having to receive any loans at all.


Many students in their search for help with the expenses of a college education will often run across the idea of obtaining a grant. A grant is a lump sum payment or a payment that is received monthly be your school and the good news is that you do not have to pay back that money. If you are comparing the two, a student loan or a grant, the grant sounds like a much better idea because of no repayment responsibilities.

Alternatives to Student Loans Direct

Applying for a grant is easy. You can search for the grant on the Internet. There are many out there that you may qualify for. You can also check with one of the advisors at the financial aid office at your school. These advisors will be able to help you apply and help you to figure out what grants are best for you. However most of these grants want you to study in a particular field. If you do not have a program that they are interested in you will probably not be selected to receive the grant.


A scholarship is another option of paying to continue your education. These scholarships are awarded to many students who have excellent academic achievements or who excel at sports.

If you are in high school but would like to get started on your search for scholarships you will need to have the high grades to do this. Many students will start this their junior year of school. These scholarships can also be found on the Interest and through an advisor at the high school.

When applying for scholarships you should apply for all scholarships that you see even if you do not think that you will qualify. There are many scholarship committees that will not be able to find the student who is an exact match for their criteria. If this happens the committee will select a student who meets the criteria the closest. You never know. That student could be you.


When looking into ways to pay for college as well as all of the expenses that tend to go with the college education there are many options out there for the student to consider before setting off into the world of student loans. If you were able to qualify for a grant or a scholarship those ideas would be the best way to go for you. They do not require you to pay the money that you receive and there is no interest involved however you will need to keep up your grades and be a good academic student.


  1. Meet with your financial advisor to discuss the many ways you can pay for your college education.

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