7 Expert Decor Tips for a Designer Condo

Everyone wants to have a designer come and make their condo the best one on the block. However, for most of us, that’s just not possible because of costs and you might not have a designer on speed dial like some people. 
However, there are plenty of tips out there for you to make your condo into a designer home by yourself! No need to hire a designer when you can do it yourself and make your condo amazing. 
Read on to discover some of the top expert tips out there to create your perfect designer condo. 
Planning, planning, and more planning
One of the biggest tips out there for making your designer condo is planning! Yes, the first tip is going to make you put a bit of effort into organizing and planning before you go out and buy your new furniture and accessories. 
Designer Condo
Sit down and really decide what your vision is for your condo. What kind of style are you going for? Modern-urban or more traditional? Do you prefer dark furniture or light furniture? Do you need a large kitchen for entertaining? Be sure that you know the answers to all of these questions before you go so you can be sure to stay within budget and avoid any unnecessary frustrations. 
Go for dark furniture
When you’re working with a smaller space like a condo, you’re going to want to make use of all the room you have. However, there’s just a limited amount of space to be used up in a condo. 
However, one trick to get around the lack of space is to use dark furniture! Dark furniture tricks our eyes into thinking a room is much bigger than it actually is. That trick is going to impress anyone who comes to your place because they’ll be constantly wondering how your condo is so big! Plus, you can use your dark furniture as a base that will match any other colors you accessorize your house with. 
Put furniture in front of a wall-length window
Ceiling-to-floor windows can be pretty intimidating in any room. However, experts have a solution to that problem! Give your window a base by adding some furniture in front of it. You can add a couch and a small table, for instance. That brings down the intensity of the full-length window a bit and allows you to use your space more wisely. 
Bright pops of color aren’t something to shy away from
Since you’re going to be using darker furniture in your condo, there’s no reason to shy away from a couple of pops of color here and there. Feel free to add some bright flowers to that table in the corner, hang a colorful Neon Mama sign on the wall, or put some bright red candles on the fireplace. These are going to give your house that extra detail that’s really impressive. 
Your fireplace should be floor to ceiling
Your fireplace isn’t something that you should shy away from either! Why would you want your fireplace to be this small thing in the corner that no one looks at? Make it the centerpiece of your living room by extending it to the ceiling. Try to mix it up with some glass mosaics that extend all the way up and really catch the eye of anyone entering the room. 
Keep your non-essentials tucked away
The worst way to clutter up your kitchen or living room is by having out items that are non-essential or that you just don’t use that often. Only keep out the things that you use on a regular basis and store the other items that you’re not using. This is going to free up a lot of space on those countertops and give your condo a clean look.
Paint your ceiling black
This is a tip that you’ve probably not really thought of that much. But the same rule with dark furniture can apply to your ceilings! Darker ceilings will give off the impression of higher ceilings than white or any other color. Think of giving your ceilings a coat of black paint if you want to fake more space in your condo. 
And there you have it! Some of the best tips out there on how to make your designer condo. Try out some of the tips or all of them to really impress any guests that you invite over for dinner.

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