6 simple and smart ways to save money in day to day life

Sometimes the hardest thing about saving the money is getting started with it, and the biggest problem is that it becomes quite difficult to figure out that how can we save the money, and from where we can extract some money for savings.
saving money
While most of us believe that saving is all about saving the cash, but, you can do it in many other ways as well. By making small savings in the day to day activities and purchasing of stuff, you can make significant savings.
Here are some of the simple yet effective tips to save money smartly which you can implement easily to money significant money savings.
Fix A Goal For saving Money
Unless you have a specific goal of saving money, you cannot do it dedicatedly. Only after fixing a specific savings goal, you can work towards it. Once you have a goal, you will easily find out many ways to save money which you might ignore otherwise.
Make the Saving Automatic 
These days, almost all banks offer the automatic debit for saving the money, if you choose custom settings. There are some savings schemes which you can opt for, and choose an amount which is comfortable for you to spare. This way, that particular mount will be auto-debited and transferred to your savings account.
Stop Impulse Buying
When you feel the urge to buy something, stop for a couple of minutes and ask yourself that do I really need it. Mots of the times, we impulsively buy things which we don’t need much and spend the money which could have been saved. Once you start building the awareness about the impulse buying, you would be able to control some expenses.
Use online Coupon Codes
The online coupon codes or discounted deals available on the credible websites such as My Voucher Codes offer many deals, discounts, and coupons which can be used to save money while shopping online, while visiting a restaurant or an eatery, while booking the tickets and much more. The best part is that these coupons are available free of cost, and you don’t hav to do or spend anything in order to access these coupons.
Walk, Or Use Public Transport
Whenever possible use the public transportation to save money on the fuel expenses. Public transportation can help you save money, while walking offers many other benefits apart from just saving the money.
Take your Tea or Coffee from Home
One of the biggest expenditure that we make on a daily basis is buying tea or coffee from outside. Buying a $5 coffee every day for over a course of one year can cost you over $1200. So, either drink less or take your coffee or tea from home.
These tricks can help you save money with great ease. 

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