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Friday, September 22, 2017

If You Want To Be Rich, Which Country Should You Move To?

We’d all like to be richer. But like it or not, there are some countries which are a heck of a lot more favorable to building wealth than others. Recently, a study was done on expats to find out which expats were making the most money compared to the average. The amount of money that could be made differed enormously by country, with some countries helping those who moved double their income.


If you’re currently looking for a company working on international removals, then find one that’ll ship all your stuff to Switzerland. Why? Because Switzerland is the best place for expats in the world, according to a study by the international bank. HSBC. As part of their study, the bank revealed that expats have the best quality of life, not just in terms of earnings, but other things like the quality of their children’s education, lifestyle factors and the low cost of living.


Switzerland is often held up as a model of European civilization. Thanks to its strict isolationism from the outside world, and refusal to sign up to EU agreements, the country has retained much of its independence. The people who live there have made collective decisions in their own interest. In addition, the direct democracy model in the country means that laws that are unjust or unpopular are changed quickly, as soon as people realize they aren’t working.

New Zealand

New zealand

New Zealand is best known for its sheep farming and stunning scenery. But despite not being on many people’s radar, it’s rated as an extremely good place to live by most expats. According to the data, more than 87 percent of individuals who move to the country say that their children have a better life than back home.  More importantly, more than 60 percent of people stated that the move helped to make their children more “well-rounded” individuals. Although incomes aren’t considerably higher here, it does seem like a place where you can live “the good life.”


China is the number one place in the world for expat incomes. According to the HSBC study, the average expat in China has an income more than $250,000 a year. That’s four times as many people exceeding that threshold than elsewhere.


China, though, does have some problems. Expats locating in the coastal cities might have a lot of money, but they’ll also have to make sure that they avoid the country’s severe penal system. Just expressing your opinions in China can land you in jail. Also, it’s not the best place for children, thanks to the high levels of pollution.

Thailand And Vietnam


Although Thailand and Vietnam are poor countries, they’re actually great places for expats. The reason is the low prices: things like housing and leisure activities are incredibly cheap, meaning that incomes go a long way here. Recreation is just about as cheap as it is anywhere in the world, making it a great place for children as well as adults. Disposable income among expats in Thailand and Vietnam is higher than it is anywhere else in the world.

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