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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Can’t Financially Survive On Sick Pay?

All employers by law must give their employees some form of sick pay. However, this sick pay is rarely enough to survive more than a couple weeks on. In cases of long-term sickness, you may need to consider other ways of financially supporting yourself. Here are a few ways of earning some extra money on the side so that don’t have to resort to unhealthy debts.

Find odd jobs online

There are all kinds of quick ways to make money online. Survey sites will pay you for completing surveys. This is an easy way of making some extra money to support yourself that isn’t physically or mentally demanding. Those who have a skill to offer may even be able to freelance this skill online using sites likes Fiverr. This could include writing a CV for someone or creating a logo or offering some cheap financial advice – all of which are digital skills that don’t require any physical exertion.

Sick Pay

Sell your clutter

We all have unused items cluttering up our homes that we could sell for money. Being off sick could be the perfect time to sell these items. Your best bet may be to sell these items online. By using local selling sites like Gumtree you can opt for buyers to pick up the item from your home rather than having to pay for postage or deliver it yourself.

Know your legal rights

Were you made sick as a result of a lack of health and safety in your workplace? If so, it could be worth hiring a personal injury attorney and suing your employer for the damage caused to your health. A legal claim may even help pay for any expensive treatment you may require. By choosing a no win no fee lawyer, you won’t have to pay anything unless you win your claim. Every employer must have employer liability insurance, allowing them to pay for any claim you might make against them.

Contact your citizen’s advice bureau

Your local citizen’s advice bureau may be able to help you out if you are sick and financially struggling. It’s possible you may be eligible to some form of benefit from the government to help pay for living costs. Those that have been ill for many months may find that their maximum sick pay allowance is coming to an end, in which case there are services out there that can help to provide you with some form of income.

Get support from family and friends

Don’t forget to seek help from your family and friends if you need it. They may be help take some of the financial pressure off by helping to buy food or pay bills. Even if they’re simply lending you money, it’s better than having to take out a loan with interest to pay for living costs.

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