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Friday, December 29, 2017

The IT IQ Test – Is Your Business Smart With Computers?

By now, all entrepreneurs should know that computers form an integral part of the business operation. As such, virtually all companies utilize those systems in some shape or form. The more pertinent question, however, is whether you’re doing it well. 

business iq test
Take this IT IQ test to see whether you’re using computers to their full potential. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 
Low IQ: The Website Looks Great To Me 
The company website is a hugely vital component. In many circumstances, it will be the first thing point of interaction, which is why it should fill you with pride. A modern design with all the complex elements may boost your ego. However, it’s important not to forget the function of the site. Ultimately, it needs to satisfy the clients. 
High IQ: The Website Looks Great To The Customer 
Visitors see websites differently to the site owners. Understanding what makes them happy is crucial and should offer guidance on everything from design to content. If information is clear, engaging, and easy to find, you will not go far wrong. Frankly, simplicity is the key, and this should extend to contact details too. Lose their trust due to poor web design decisions, and you’ll also lose their custom.   
Low IQ: The Computer Facilities Are Great For Today 
There’s no doubt that your business demands instant results. In a bid to make budgets work harder, you may look at used computers and machinery that can get the job done. A reduced initial outlay, combined with short-term success can feel like the perfect solution. After all, your business doesn’t even have a future if the immediate challenges are too much to handle. Right? 

computer facilities

High IQ: The Computer Facilities Are Great For Tomorrow Too 
While that initial success is key, you need to accept that tech evolves at a rapid rate. Therefore, staying ahead of the crowd is the only way you’ll ever achieve sustainability. Time and cost efficiency are two key factors, which is why outsourcing is your best friend. Experts at Athens Micro can manage your systems remotely. This will make things smoother while ensuring your company is always blessed with the best facilities on the market.   
Low IQ: The Digital Ad Campaigns Are Reaching Many People 
Creating great products is futile if your message isn’t reaching the masses. Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy when there are over 1.3 billion websites currently available to audiences. As such, most companies will do all they can to gain increased visibility on the world wide web. While SEO and other strategies are good starting points, you must learn to do more. 
High IQ: The Digital Ad Campaigns Are Reaching The Right People 
The problem with reaching a universal audience is that your messages will often fall on deaf ears. It’s far better to reach demographics that are likely to respond in the right way. This guide from Facebook shows how to target adverts on their platform, and similar ideas can be used elsewhere. Whether the market is focused on geography or customer backgrounds doesn’t matter. Success in a smaller pond is a greater outcome than failing in the ocean that is the world wide web. 
So, how did you do? If you’re doing the basics without going that extra mile, now is the time to make a change. Seriously, it could make all the difference between success and failure.

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