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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

3 Excellent Places Where You Can Learn New Skills

There are a lot of different ways that you can improve your skills and learn new things. This might be learning a new language as a hobby or gaining a qualification to further your career. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn and improve yourself, there are numerous resources available to you. Here are some places that you can be educated.

New Skills


Online learning is popular. Sites like Udemy mean that you can learn about essentially any topic from the comfort of your computer. The value of some of these courses is less than others, and you should go by the user reviews to see how good a specific course is. If you are looking for something very specific or want to have a cheap course on more basic skills, then sites like Udemy can be very useful. Online learning is limited there though. Simply through researching and reading more information on a topic, you are going to learn more about it. This might be on the property market, or it might be how to build a computer, the more you immerse yourself in a topic, the more knowledge you will have about it.


When speaking about classroom learning, this doesn’t mean stepping back into an actual classroom or going back to high school. Instead, it is learning in a physical room with a real teacher/professor. For a lot of people, this is the best way to learn something, and certain topics and subject areas are best taught in this way. Language skills are a good example of being in a classroom allows you to talk in that language and immerse yourself in it far more than learning exclusively from home. Learning skills in this way also helps you to network and grow a list of people who are pursuing similar skills to you and might end up in similar jobs in the future. This kind of thing is invaluable and can mean you make leaps in your career because you know the right person. A lot of classroom courses allow you to be accredited with organizational bodies as well. This might mean being a part of the non-for-profit financial educators or American Psychological Society upon your graduation or the completion of your course.

Work Based

A lot of work-based education will combine the above two points. However, it is a totally different way of learning all of its own. This might be because it covers things that you wouldn’t normally learn yourself such as health and safety or specific management skills that your organization wants you to have. This might be through completing an online course with slides and a test at the end, or it might be through having an instructor in a room with you and your colleagues teaching you about a specific topic. There are times when you won’t get to choose what your company wants to teach you, but other time you will get to have a say. You should take full advantage of these moments as if your company is willing to pay for a course that will better your career you should jump at the chance.

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