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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to Plan your Dream Holiday Trip to Seychelles

When you think about a vacation, it brings excitement and enthusiasm. It is a time to unwind and relax from the daily rigors of your hectic life. A holiday is a time for family bonding and interaction.

Although taking a vacation is advantageous, it is an expensive proposition. The expenses further increase when you want to take your dream holiday in Seychelles. If you want to enjoy your family holiday, it is time to plan by making advance bookings to enjoy maximum benefits.

Dream Holiday

Experts advise having a long-term financial plan for an international holiday. However, if you have not planned in advance, there is no reason to despair. There are several short and long-term options available.

Here are six tips to make your dream of a family vacation to Seychelles come true. 

1.Book your travel

Once you have decided the destination, it is important to book flight tickets in advance. This gives you the opportunity to purchase tickets at the most competitive prices. In addition, you must book your stay and sightseeing to maximize your savings. Often, when you book in advance, you are able to enjoy special deals and discounts.

2.Avail of a personal loan

You must make a budget for your holiday to know the exact estimated expenses. This will allow you to apply for a personal loan if required. A personal loan is unsecured with no limitation on how the borrowed funds are used. The entire procedure to apply and avail of a loan is quick with minimal documentation. You may even apply online to receive instant approval.

3.Travel operators funding

Financial planning is beneficial to fund your dream family vacation. However, if you have failed to plan, there is another option available to you. Travel operators often allow you to book holidays with Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). You may book your holiday and reduce the initial outflow to manageable EMIs that do not result in liquidity crises. Some travel operators tie up with financial institutions to offer funding facilities for your vacations. You may start a recurring deposit with the financial institution for a period of one year. The tour operator tops up your deposit fund that also earns an interest. This allows you to travel to your dream destination later while the price is reserved, which helps reduce the cost of your holiday.

4.Investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds are a popular investment avenue for several reasons. A large number of available options along with the potential to earn higher returns makes mutual funds popular. If you do not have a large amount to make a lump sum investment, you may consider a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Investing through this route makes it light on your wallet because you may start a systematic plan for as less as INR 500 per installment. Moreover, this type of plan is flexible because you may invest monthly, quarterly, or in any other periodicity as per your convenience. Additionally, you may decrease or enhance the SIP amount based on your financial situation. You may liquidate your systematic investment plan when you want to travel to Seychelles, thereby reducing your financial burden at the time of travel.

5.Short-term debt funds

If you have some investible surplus, you may park these in short-term debt funds or liquid funds. Such funds offer you a decent return on investment and may be liquidated without any burden of an exit load.

6.Utilize your deposits

If you do not want to take higher risks, you may consider a fixed deposit (FD) or recurring deposit (RD). You may liquidate such deposits or you may avail of loans against these. Generally, the interest rate on loans against deposits is lower than personal loan interest rates, which makes the former a more affordable and cost-efficient option. If you do not have deposits, consider investing in one through small monthly investments that will allow you to go for the dream family holiday.

Funding your family dream vacation to Seychelles is not difficult with a large number of available options. However, choosing the most appropriate investment option and financial planning may be difficult, as you may not have the expertise or experience.

This is simplified by ARQ investment engine, a key highlight of Angel Wealth’s mobile application. This investment engine uses quants and algorithms to analyze over a billion data points. The recommendations are matched based on your risk appetite and investment goals. There is no human intervention and all recommendations are machine-based.

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