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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Promodag – Office 365 reporting done in a professional manner

Promodag Reports for Office 365 is a detailed, extensive and easily navigable system which can be utilized for Office 365 reporting in current days. On the contrary, the traditional Office 365 reports which ship with Exchange Online depend on the aggregate data which offers insufficient details for taking informed decisions on management and they are limited between 15 and 90 days, thereby making long term analysis complex. They are reliable on UTC time which diminishes the utility of time-based reports in different regions.


When you use Promodag Reports for Office 365, you can bring about a change in all that and also unleash a wide range of information which can let you save your dollars, obtain enough efficiency and abide by the business and regulatory security policies. This was originally created to report on Exchange server for more than 20 years ago and Promodag Reports for Office 365 has blazed a long series of innovations to deliver a wide array of tools. 

For the administrators and managers who have brought about the transition to the cloud-based mail with Office 365, this heritage will make a difference in different sorts of ways like: 
  • An extensive range of detailed reports which can meet all sorts of needs
  • A set of reports which is rich in features with different functionalities which aren’t available anywhere else.
  • Integrated feedback from several big and small organizations and the way in which they would prefer their reports being customized or presented.
  • Moreover, an easy to navigate and matured toolbox for exchange reporting which meets your future and present reporting needs.
Which are the 2 main areas of usage of reporting?

Majority of the users usually concentrate on 2 different usage areas for their personal reporting needs: 


Here are few of the many things that you can easily achieve with the help of Office 365 reporting user traffic: 
  • Check the status of migration by recognizing the users who are using the service and who aren’t. 
  • Works in different hybrid environment with similar reports for on-premise and Office 365 mailboxes and users.
  • Check their compliance with organizational and regulatory policies.
  • Easily responds to eDiscovery requests by using content searches and keywords.
  • Delivers recipient’s inventory.
  • Identifies distribution groups which are unused
  • The current customers of Promodag can migrate their license to Office 365 at simply no such cost
What is the size of Mailbox?

While you report on Office 365, the mailbox site is critical to accomplish an understanding of Office 365 email usage and evolving requirements. Here are few things you can easily achieve with Office 365 reporting: 
  • Filter and report on mailboxes by size, quotas and number of items
  • Breaks down mailboxes according to size, as for example the number of mailboxes which are bigger than 1GB, 2 GB and other higher values
  • Show the evolution of the size of the mailbox
  • Combine historical data and show the evolution of exchange storage with time
So, whether your requirement is to budget and plan for storage upgrades, you can start making in-depth analysis of your Office 365 usage with Promodag reports

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