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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the future of the internet. You, will know this best. Look at your home screen. How many apps do you find over there? Exactly. Our phones are loaded with apps for this and for that. Interestingly enough, apps are better in other ways too! They are known to use lesser mobile data than internet websites and can be useful in providing updates to their users in the form of notifications. If you run a business, this could be your useful ticket to that customer base which you’re looking for.

Mobile Apps

1. To Create Awareness

Apps are really helpful in creating awareness about your company and its services. Typically, people look for easier access to your services when they're using the app. For example, they would prefer getting all your services in one place, just a few clicks away. Using this to your credit, you could have them visit the app and put in short sentences or windows about the services your firm can provide.

2. Promote Interaction

Most apps, when you see them, have a section called “Contact” which is basically a medium of communication between the client and the company. Your app will definitely have a section like this, and use it to your credit! Encourage customers to contact you in case of queries or feedback. They can use this to share their concerns. The best part is, this is really helpful in improving your business’s reputation among your customers - they will feel you care about their experiences. You will also get a first-hand report of how satisfied or how successful certain services are. This will help you boost the quality of your firm. 

3. Organize Service Availability

Your app is your domain. When getting this designed, you should note that the appearance of the app matters a lot. A customer could potentially choose to avail of the products or services because of the app experience - yes, it's that important. If your app needs a lot of details from the customer, or requires too many forms or redirects the client to too many pages, it is possible that your potential client will fall out of the system. Keep it simple and let it look cool.

4. Attract Younger Customers

Younger people have a preference towards apps. The reason for this is, apps tend to be more user - friendly and can be used to access a company’s services directly without having to open a browser, type the URL and visit the webpage. Using this, you could make your application youth friendly to attract the younger diaspora - which also makes up 70% of the internet. If your company is selling a product or offering a service that can be useful to young people, try to advertise this on your app properly - you may end up making a fortune in sales!

5. The Best Targets

An app is an effective way of doing your NPS surveys. You can get specific information of each client who avails a particular service. Use these graph records to find out which products are doing better than the others. You can then use these results to customize your app and make products that are searched for more often to appear on screen before the others. Similarly, you could advertise lesser known products/services to boost their sales. In this manner, you shall be able to not only get profits, but also increase awareness about your company and its services among a wide customer market.

Look for a suitable app designer. Then, after your app is designed and customized just how you want it, get it online - on the Apple iStore, Google Play Store and other similar platforms. Attach a link to your website inviting users to try the app, thus allowing you to channelize your traffic to a place where it can be recorded. As more and more companies look at apps to fulfill their sales and advertise, we don’t see why you should be left behind. Give it a go!

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