Yes, You Should Look for a Reliable Online Printing Service to Print Your Business Checks – Here’s Why

These days, more and more aspects of commerce are becoming digital, including payment processing. While there are still circumstances where manual business checks are the best type of checks to use, many private individuals and companies are switching towards using computer printed checks.
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There are many benefits to using computer printed checks, from increased safety and security, to allowing your business to streamline invoice payment and employee salaries. What’s more, making the switch from using manual business checks to computer printed checks signals to your clients that your company is able to adapt to more efficient tools to run your business.
Taking the Leap and Making the Switch
If you’re thinking of ordering business checks online for the first time, there are a few things that you need to get ready in order to make the process as smooth as possible. You need to have all pertinent financial information at hand, such as your bank name, your account name, your account number, and your routing number. 
Since you’re ordering checks for your business, make sure that you also have a high-resolution image of your company logo ready. At this point, you don’t need to have a final design and layout ready as well, but it would be helpful if you’ve already created it.
First Step: Choose your Printing Company
Finding an online printing company that will print your business checks is the easy part; even a simple Google search will net you dozens of results. The difficult part will be choosing which company to hire.
At a glance, it will seem like most companies offer the same services, and it only be a matter of their inventory, prices, and delivery lead times that will affect your decision. However, you need to be careful, as printing companies differ in terms of their background, quality of output, and track record of customer satisfaction. You also need to make sure that these companies are trustworthy enough to handle your sensitive private information. See if they are certified by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or by the Check Payment Systems Association. Determine what time of security measures they include in their printed checks, such as using special printing paper or including safety measures such as watermarks or security strips. Ensure that they are using a secure payment system to record their client’s personal financial information. Don’t become a victim of check fraud by performing your due diligence this early!
Second Step:  Create your Customized Check Design
Once you’ve chosen a reputable checking company to hire, you can now place your order for computer printed business checks. The most basic business check you can order should at least include your company’s name and logo, but you can create a customized design to really make your check unique and stand out. What’s more, a customized check can decrease the risk of fraud as it would be more difficult for scammers to copy your check’s specific design.
Third Step: Choose your Check Style and Size
The next step is to choose what style and size you want your business checks to be. There is a wide variety of different check styles that you can choose from, such as wallet checks, three-to-a-page checks, or even the basic perforated checkbook style. Many businesses choose styles for easier office use, such as printer checks or binder checks. Binder checks work best for record keeping, while printer checks have a more professional look.
Last Step: Placing Your Order
Finally, you can now place your check orders! Make sure that you give all the necessary financial information, as well as clear instructions regarding the amount of checks you are ordering, the delivery time that you need, and where you need the checks to be delivered. Most companies need a lead delivery time of around three to five business days, depending on the location of the printing company. However, if you need your business checks quickly, some companies do offer fast online check printing options as long as you are willing to pay an additional expedite fee.
After placing your order, make sure that you note down the delivery date, as well as the courier service and the tracking number that will be attached to your order. This way, if there are any delays to the delivery service, you can easily follow up with the company.
Once you’ve ordered your business checks from a printing company and you find their services suitable, you can now order business checks online with ease!

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