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Sunday, November 25, 2012

If You Want to Invest in Property in Australia, New South Wales Is Where you Want to Do It

A property investment is generally wise. Throughout history, owning property has been regarded as an indicator of wealth. A glance at any list of rich folk will show you that that many of them acquired their fortunes from property. Owning property gives you more control, has less volatility than is the case for shares or other assets, grants eligibility to tax benefits, and gives you an asset that can be touched.

When you borrow money, property can be used as security. Property hedges against inflation, because in Australia, like other nations, property increases in value by more than inflation. Renting out your property would rapidly produce income, because steep property prices are causing an ever-greater number of Australians to choose to rent instead of buying a house.

Australia is among the best countries where you could purchase a home. About 70 percent of folk reside in a house while repaying a mortgage or where the mortgage has been paid off, one of the top rates of owner-occupancy of any nation.
If You Want to Invest in Property in Australia, New South Wales Is Where you Want to Do It

New South Wales is where the property market of Australia is booming most, and Sydney is at the zenith. The cost of houses there increased more than twofold in the decade leading up to 1996, a stunt that is expected to be repeated over the next 10 years. Sydney house prices are some of the highest in the world, and are generally around AUD600,000 ($623,000). Sean Macken, a fellow of the McKell Institute, said that the houses of Sydney were the second-costliest in the world, a situation which the Institute terms a crisis. If you want to find property in Sydney, some websites have thousands of listings.

Prices are still rising as demand exceeds supply by far. The number of houses constructed in Sydney is a great deal below the target of the state government. Sydney's leading newspaper called the construction rate “anaemic” and said it was at a 30-year lowpoint. At the same time, the Australian population is growing by more than twice the average of the world, per AAP.

Suburbs of western Sydney including Liverpool, Penrith and Blacktown increasingly appear in lists of property hotspots because properties are becoming more affordable and there are job creation endeavors and infrastructure investments. A list of the 50 suburbs featuring the greatest possibility of capital growth compiled by Smart Property Investment magazine included four in western Sydney.

New South Wales' government plans to better transport connections between western Sydney and the Central Business District, strong as they already are. Property analyst, Louis Christopher, said that the western suburbs would likely outperform the rest of Sydney as well as every other capital city this year.

Should you wish to look beyond Sydney, the town you choose should have robust education and tourism sectors and positive spin-offs from external influences like the mining industry. This sector had a workforce of 249,700 as of February 2012, which was an increase of almost 68,000 since May 2010. Some of the most attractive prospects were town such as Tamworth, Bathurst, Newcastle, Wodonga, and Wollongong. A report by Residece said that Campbelltown and Cabramatta were the best cities in terms of capital growth.

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