Fuel For Thought: The Cheapest Modes Of Transport

Are you fed up of your car? It can be a massive expense, not just in terms of the fuel you use up, and the maintenance, but there are always unexpected expenses that crop up which you are never financially prepared for. So, this begs the question, are there cheaper and better ways to get around? It depends on our lifestyle, but for most of us who rely on our car, can we get a better result from another mode of transport?
Cheapest Modes Of Transport
Bike or motorcycle
You see many people on their bikes these days, because of its impact on their carbon footprint, but also, it’s perfectly good exercise. When it comes to motorcycles, there is still less carbon footprint than a car, but the chances of being in an accident are particularly high. There are many law firms, such as https://colleylaw.net/austin-motorcycle-accident-lawyer/ that highlight the fact that there are so many fatalities on motorcycles these days, primarily because those on motorbikes feel inclined to weave in and out of traffic. And if you decide to get a motorcycle, this is very real temptation. While it may get you around quicker, and you can easily escape plenty of traffic queues, in many ways, you are a sitting duck for driver disaster.
Public transport
For many places, public transport is at its zenith. However, if you live in more rural areas, this has become a problem, because transport like trains or buses are so few and far between now. When you’re living in the middle of a city, public transport is usually a better option.
This isn’t feasible for everyone of course, but walking whenever you can has various positive impacts on your health, https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/walking/ shows the many positives of walking on your health. If you can walk to places like the shops, or even your workplace, then this is the perfect way to cut back on your overall transportation costs.
Carpooling or car sharing
Many workplaces are particularly hot on car sharing schemes now, and the benefits of owning a car means that you will cut back on the overall fuel cost, but also the downside is that you are adding a bit more time to your journey by picking up additional passengers. This is a Catch-22, but if you can get rid of your car and go in someone else’s vehicle, this will benefit you more.
Alternative fuel cars
The electric car is very popular now because of its impact on the environment, but it’s a big expense upfront these days. However, over time, the electric car is going to replace the standard fuel vehicle, so it might be better for you to get on this bandwagon now, because the overall costs of charging the vehicle are much cheaper than purchasing fuel. So, in 20 years from now, you could weigh up the cost of an electric car in comparison to a fuel vehicle, and you will see how much cheaper an electric car is overall. But it’s not just electric cars, you couldn’t find an alternative vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas, or renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.
This is definitely food for thought, and if you’re looking to reduce your overall costs as well as your carbon footprint, these are some of the most popular options right now.

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