When You Should Refuse Taking the Blame for an Accident at Work

Many of us work in hazardous environments from time to time. It is everyone’s responsibility to take health and safety guidelines seriously, but accidents happen nonetheless. If you are facing redundancy, firing, or disciplinary action for an accident at work, and you don’t think you are responsible, it might be time to stand up for yourself, and challenge the company. Below you will find a few examples when you shouldn’t take the blame.
Accident at Work
Inconsiderate Road Users
The first reason why you might challenge your company blaming you for the accident is if it was someone else’s fault. While the company’s lawyers might advise the management to take the blame and arrange a settlement, you will be the small fish in the tank, and your career will suffer. Seek private legal representation to find out more about your options and the legal routes you can take.
Overtime Work
If your employer didn’t comply with the current employment law, you can challenge them when blaming you for the accident. Whether you were made to do more overtime than that is allowed by the legislation of your industry, or you had no supervision provided, you can make a case for yourself, and highlight the issue. If you are not blamed for the accident, you will have a better chance of securing another job.
Employee Rights Issue
Whether you highlighted the safety issues and got ignored, or you feel like the company is using the accident as an excuse to dismiss you, it is important that you consider your legal options. An unfair dismissal case can award you a compensation for defamation and loss of income, so it is a good idea to address every employee rights issue as soon as possible. In most cases, business insurance should cover the cost of the damage, so you shouldn’t be punished.  
truck accident lawyer
Inadequate Training
It is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with training when using dangerous or heavy equipment. If your qualifications were not checked, and you didn’t receive the training, you can contact a truck accident lawyer to fight your case. It is likely that your employer will come to an arrangement, as breaking the rules can land them in legal and compliance trouble; they might even have their operating license revoked.
Faulty Equipment
If the equipment you used was faulty, and your employer didn’t comply with the regulatory required maintenance and safety check schedule, you can also challenge them. Review the health and safety policies, as well as the latest risk assessment report, to find out whether the company followed the law or ignored their employees’ safety.
Suffering an accident at work can have a huge impact on your life, mental health, and career prospects. If you are blamed by your employer, and you were not at fault, you will need to challenge their decision and seek legal representation. This way, you can not only protect your own professional reputation, but other employees from unfair dismissal or treatment, as well.

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